• SWTechsploration01
      Our multimedia technology program uses graphical programming software developed at the MIT Media Lab
  • SWTechsploration02
      Children learn through multimedia technology, bringing out their creativity through not just engineering principles but also arts and design
  • SWTechsploration03
      The curriculum and accompanying programs are designed for both girls and boys in mind
  • SWTechsploration04
      Children will be able to learn structured programming as well as the principals of engineering and mechanical designs
Make it possible! Create your own computer programs, apps and games.  Learning to code nutures creativity, logical-thinking skill, enhanced problem-solving ability and analytic skill.  Apply logical and mathematical skills in a fun and practical way.

Sequence #01 Sequence #02 Sequence #03 
Basic Programming Sequences
Creating Short Animation
Graphic Design & Manipulation
Keyboard Interaction
Music Generation & Sequencing
Programming Iterations & Loops
Timed Events

Audio Processing & Recording
Basic Game Design
Conditioned Loops & Repetition
Coordinates & Directions
Interactive Sequences
Logic Conditions
Numbers & Variables
Object Collision
Vector Graphics
Code Optomization
Concept & Pseudo Code
Graphical Effects
Hit Box & Hit Detection
Object-Oriented Programming Basics
Randomization and Sequenced Actions
Simple Artificial Intelligence Concept
Simple Physics Simulation
  ◊ Depending on their coding ability, students are placed in an appropriate sequence to maximize their learning experience.
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