• SWTechsploration01
      Our multimedia technology program uses graphical programming software developed at the MIT Media Lab
  • SWTechsploration02
      Children learn through multimedia technology, bringing out their creativity through not just engineering principles but also arts and design
  • SWTechsploration03
      The curriculum and accompanying programs are designed for both girls and boys in mind
  • SWTechsploration04
      Children will be able to learn structured programming as well as the principals of engineering and mechanical designs

Get a head start and explore coding with us!

Learn to code songs, tales, apps and games. Make Beeps and Boops, Sprites and Loops. Allow your creative mind to run amok, hunt down bugs with your analytical skills, and tackle glitches with your problem solving finesse. Join us and enter the coding wonderland, one line at a time.

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• Basic Programming Sequences
• Creating Short Animations
• Graphic Design & Manipulations
• Input Output Interactions
• Music Generation & Sequencing
• Programming Iterations & Loops

• Basic Game Design
• Timed Events
• Audio Processing & Recording
• Conditioned Loops & Repetition
• Coordinates & Directions
• Logic Conditions
• Numbers & Variables
• Object Collision
• Vector Graphics
• Interactive Sequences
The window to science...and beyond!


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