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In the fifteen years of operating the Institutional Program, we have accumulated tremendous experience. The educational value of our programs, the effectiveness of our activities, the quality of the programs, its effective teaching approach as well as our nurturing facilitators, are well recognized by the education sector and the school community.


Local Anglo-Chinese Schools
International Schools and English Foundation Schools
Diocesan Boy's School Primary Division
American International School
Hong Kong University Graduates Association Primary School
Anfield School
Institute of Education Jockey Club Primary School
Australian International School
Islamic Dharwood Pau Memorial Primary School
Beacon Hill School (ESF)
Jockey Club Sarah Roe School
Canadian International School of Hong Kong
Laichikok Catholic Primary School
Christian Alliance International School
Man Kiu Association Primary School
ELCHK Lutheran Academy
Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School
Kennedy School (ESF)
Pui Kiu College
Kowloon Junior School (ESF)
Raimondi College (Primary Section)
Singapore International School
St. Joseph's Primary School
The Harbour School
St. Paul's Co-educational College Primary School
Yew Chung International School
St. Paul's College Primary School
      - Jointly organized with YewChung Arts & Language Centre
St. Stephen's College Preparatory School
St. Stephen's Girls' Primary School
The Jockey Club Hong Chi School
Yaumati Catholic Primary School 
St. Catherine's International Kindergarten
Clubs and Recreational Centers
Ling Yan School
Manhabit International Nursery & Kindergarten
Chinese Recreation Club
Victoria Educational Organisation
Hong Kong Country Club
Hong Kong Gold Coast Clubhouse
One Beacon Hill
Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club
Angels for Orphans
The American Club Hong Kong
The PLK Sprouts Foundation
The Boys and Girls Club Association of Hong Kong
The Hong Kong Jockey Club
The Hongkong Federation of Youth Groups
     - Learning through Engineering, Arts and Design
Hong Kong Science & Technology Park (HKSTP)
 YMCA of Hong Kong
South China Morning Post
Hoot Camera
Tissot Watches

The window to science...and beyond!

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