SCIENCE & MATH ODYSSEY LEVEL 1 (3-4 years old)
Peter Rabbit and the Garden
A Basketful of Surprise
  Dinosaur Eggs-tinct?
Rabbits Hop & Chickens Walk
Life Science
Follow Peter Rabbit’s adventures in Mr. McGregor’s garden to explore different fruits and vegetables. They come in many shapes and sizes! Investigate conditions that are best for growing a plant. Find out how flowers drink water. How does your flower smell?
Physics & Engineering
Did you know that basket-weaving is one of humankind’s oldest art forms? Find out which raw material - plants, fibers, cloths or paper - can hold the most loads. Experiment with different forms to see which makes the sturdiest basket. Can you find the attributes of the decorating patterns?
Life Science & Earth Science
Did you know that most paleontologists regard birds as one of the two only surviving descendents of dinosaurs? Investigate dinosaur life cycles and learn that they are parents who take care of their young. Delve into camouflage and other means of self-protection. It’s a blast from the Jurassic past!
Life Science
Find out how the Easter Bunny learned his trade from Santa Claus and leaves baskets of presents for good children on Easter Eve. Investigate where the rabbit lives and how it survives. Delve into the characteristics and anatomy of the chicken. If chickens have wings, why don’t they fly with them?
  Tuesday, April 16
      Wednesday, April 17
      Thursday, April 18
      Tuesday, April 23
Smash or Crack?
Egg-citement! Egg-cellent!
Chemistry & Physics
Did you know that Ancient Egyptians were the first to enjoy a gooey treat now called marshmallow? Investigate what’s the best way to melt chocolate. How can you turn it back into a solid? How many cacao beans does it take to make a pound of chocolate?
Design & Construction
Did you know that egg rolling is an important part of the Easter tradition that usually takes place on Easter Monday? Test different materials to see which one is the best for softening impact. Join in the spoon race to the finish line. It’s all in the motion!
Physics and Chemistry
Did you know that the yolk makes up about 33% of the liquid weight of an egg and contains all of the fat in the egg?  Find out that eggs don’t roll in a straight line and what they do instead.  Test the characteristics of eggs through various cooking methods.  Can you crush an egg in the palm of your hand?
  Wednesday, April 24
      Thursday, April 25
      Friday, April 26
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