SCIENCE ODYSSEY LEVEL 3 (7-8 years old)
The Armillary Sphere
Kites and Kong Ming Lanterns
Raiders of Emperors' Tombs
Soybean and Silk
Physics & Space Science
Be an ancient astronomer for a day. Look into the distance with a telescope, and explore the most complex geared mechanism in ancient Chinese civilization: the South Pointing Chariot. How exactly does a metal ball help astronomers model the entire celestial world?
Physics & Technology
Enter the realm of gravity defiance! Investigate hot air molecules and lift. The world’s a nicer place in the silver sky, while we float on a kite among the stars. Suspended under the silver canopy, let’s figure out what a Kong Ming lantern and a balloon have in common.
Physics & Technology
Are you ready to venture into the subterranean palace that was designed as a test of trials? Take a guided, behind-the-scenes look at how obstacle courses are constructed. Assemble a series of traps to protect the tomb from invaders. What exactly does it take to deactivate them?
Life Science & Chemistry
Did you think that there are only three states of matter? Explore the boundaries between solids and liquids. See what a statue and a tofu dessert have in common. How certain are you that solids and liquids are completely separate states?
  Friday, February 8
      Saturday, February 9
      Monday, February 11
      Tuesday, February 12
The Amazing Wheel
Great Chinese Inventions
Physics & Technology
Explore the most important mechanical invention of all time – the wheel. Design a variety of wheeled objects that you can experiment with and understand their ubiquity in everyday life. Behind its deceptively simple design, what makes the wheel so useful?
Chemistry & Earth Science
Take pride in the history of Chinese scientific creativity. Learn about the workings behind four of the major, world-changing inventions: the compass, the topographical map, the global positioning system, and gun powder. Can you simulate the power and “pop” of gun powder?
  Wednesday, February 13
      Thursday, February 14
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