SCIENCE ODYSSEY LEVEL 3 (7-8 years old)
Easter Weather
Chickens Don't Really Fly
Humpty Dumpty Safety
Physics & Earth Science
Did you know that weather occurs due to density (temperature and moisture) differences between one place and another? Study the phenomena of fog. Find out why the colors of the rainbow are always arranged in the same way. Spring is here!
Physics& Life Science
Did you know that domestic chickens can only fly short distances as they are no longer aerodynamic like their ancestors? Explore Newton’s Third Law and investigate the anatomical structure of the chicken. It’s not angry birds, but we can make a flying machine!
Follow Alice’s adventures through the Looking Glass and find out how she can convince Humpty Dumpty to play it safe. Help Alice construct a contraption for Humpty Dumpty that can let him stand on one point without rolling over. Does he need a seatbelt to be the first at the finish line?
Chemistry & Life Science
Did you know that mayonnaise is a stable emulsion formed from oil and egg yolks? Experiment with dyeing eggs using natural plant pigments. Which dye gives the best results? Figure out how to use eggshells to blow up a balloon. The egg will never look the same to you, again!
  Tuesday, April 16
      Wednesday, April 17
      Thursday, April 18
      Tuesday, April 23
Bunny Genetics
Chocolate Heaven
Architectural Wonders
Life Science & Physics
Did you know that the genetic code that tells an organism how to work and grow is copied from one generation and then rewritten and recombined for the next generation? Model one trait – genetic variations in hopping bunny legs with rubber bands and sticks. How do we represent the gametes of bunny baby parents?
Chemistry & Physics
Did you know that the Cacao Tree produces flowers the whole year round and that the flowers are pollinated by tiny flies called midges?  Experiment with evaporated and fresh milk to see which chocolate pudding recipe is the best.  Can you tell the difference between real and fake chocolate?
Design & Construction
What’s a better time than Easter to delve into some egg-shaped buildings? Can you construct one that can stand on it’s own without falling over? Build a scrumptious building out of marshmallow and straws. This is where the designer’s paradise is!
  Wednesday, April 24
      Thursday, April 25
      Friday, April 26
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