SCIENCE ODYSSEY LEVEL 4 (9-11 years old)
The Armillary Sphere
Kites and Kong Ming Lanterns
Raiders of Emperors' Tombs
Soybean and Silk
Physics & Space Science
Investigate the instruments used by astronomers of yesteryear. Experiment with changing gears in the most complex mechanism known to ancient Chinese civilization. How does a 4th century invention still have 21st century applications for astronomers?
Physics & Technology
Did you know that you can manipulate the forces of gravity and lift? Experiment with hot and cold air molecules to send objects airborne. Balance competing influences to create equilibrium. How does the construction and shape of a kite allow it to be so aerodynamic?
Physics & Technology
Using the principles of energy conservation and momentum, engineer a series of obstacles in a maze to protect a treasure. Tinker with activating and deactivating traps. Do you have what it takes to raid another tomb, via the same physical principles?
Life Science & Chemistry
Let’s change the states of matter! Experiment with crystallization, restructure the physical composition of gypsum, and explore the heat-insulating properties of silk. How can we use the same substance to make soft soybean and a hard sculpted hand?
  Friday, February 8
      Saturday, February 9
      Monday, February 11
      Tuesday, February 12
The Amazing Wheel
Great Chinese Inventions
Physics & Technology
Can you imagine a mechanized system without a symmetrical component moving in a circular motion on an axis or a wheel? Investigate one of mankind’s significant inventions. Can you make wheels that performs work, generates energy, and power motion?
Chemistry & Earth Science
Recreate the height of Chinese scientific thought with more humble materials. Make a compass with a sewing needle, a topographical map with a potato, and a GPS system using tennis balls. Celebrate these Chinese inventions attested by history and archaeology.
  Wednesday, February 13       Thursday, February 14
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