SCIENCE ODYSSEY LEVEL 4 (9-11 years old)
Easter Weather
Chickens Don't Really Fly
Humpty Dumpty Safety
Physics & Earth Science
Did you know that weather phenomena lie in the hydrosphere and troposphere? Investigate how mist is formed from small droplets suspended in air. Learn how it can occur as part of volcanic activity. Construct a contraption that can make a tornado. What is spring color and lights?
Physics & Life Science
Did you know that in fluid dynamics, an inviscid flow such as air is the flow of a fluid that has negligible viscosity? Delve into the Bernoulli Principle to discover how one can manipulate the speed and potential energy of a fluid. Can you build a chicken that CAN fly?
Have you ever seen a roly-poly toy or “wobbly man” that rights its body when pushed over? Investigate the point of equilibrium at the minimum gravitational potential energy. Learn about torque and angular momentum. Find out which parachute is the best one for protecting Humpty Dumpty. Can you find the center of mass?
Physics & Life Science
Did you know that a substance called mordant helps in forming insoluble precipitate with the dyes so it gives the egg a brighter color? Test for the best way to extinguish a candle with eggshells. How can you cook an egg without using any kind of heat? Dyes, eggshells, heat, are they a good match?
  Tuesday, April 16
      Wednesday, April 17
      Thursday, April 18
      Tuesday, April 23
Bunny Genetics
Chocolate Heaven
Architectural Wonders
Physics & Life Science
Can you determine the genotypes and phenotypes for each trait in an animal? Delve into the role of probability of the inheritance of character. Study different hopping designs of different creatures. Construct bunny models using different inherited traits. Did you know it all works by a process called meiosis?
Chemistry an Physics
Did you know that Carrageenan is a carbohydrate extracted from Irish moss seaweed and is used in puddings as a stabilizer?  Use chemistry to investigate the components of chocolate beans.  Invent the best secret recipe for chocolate pudding.  Immerse in chemistry at work!
Design & Construction
Let’s put your construction hats on and design an Easter egg home for the Easter bunny. Can you support the weight of your bunny inside the building? How do you design more than one platform? What is the best material to make a stable building? A happy rabbit lives in a stable hutch!
  Wednesday, April 24
      Thursday, April 25
      Friday, April 26
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