SCIENCE & MATH ODYSSEY LEVEL 1 (3-4 years old)
Lunar New Year System
Animals of the Zodiac I
The Five Elements I
 Crossing the River
Earth and Space Sciences
If you thought that the first day of the New Year is January 1, think, again! While you’re thinking, gaze up at the night sky for the answer – it’s the large, round moon. Learn why half the world follows the moon for its yearly calendar. Is the moon really as bright as you see it?
Life Science & Human Biology
Chinese legend has it that animals grant magical abilities on newborns. Learn more about the magical abilities of mammals – producing food, growing their own clothes, and making almost exact copies of themselves. What magical abilities do you share with animals?
Chemistry & Physics
Get transported to the world of our ancestors! Imagine how they saw the physical world, without internet and living on the most bare necessities. How were they able to sort the world in just five basic elements: earth, wind, fire, metal and water? Think creatively!
Design & Construction
Have you thrown anything in water lately? Odds are, you will notice some objects relax comfortably on the surface while others just drop down, down, down. Learn about sinking and floating. Can you build an object that can stay afloat or will yours be swallowed by the liquid?
  Friday, February 8
      Saturday, February 9
      Monday, February 11
      Tuesday, February 12
The Five Elements II
Animals of the Zodiac II
Chemistry & Physics
Remember the ancient elements? Well, they aren’t so ancient after all! Let’s go more in depth into how the basic elements can be transformed to make up nearly everything in existence today. How many different things can you make using only water, fire and earth?
Life Science & Human Biology
Is it always true that if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it is a duck? Learn about our scaly and feathered animal friends. Befriend a reptile or a bird and investigate how they feed. What makes reptiles and birds more like us than we think?
  Wednesday, February 13
      Thursday, February 14
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