SCIENCE & MATH ODYSSEY LEVEL 2 (5-6 years old)
Lunar New Year System
Animals of the Zodiac I
The Five Elements I
 Crossing the River
Earth and Space Sciences
Why aren't there any restaurants on the Moon? Because even if they have good food, there's no atmosphere! The closest celestial body to Earth, yet little is known about it. Investigate its size and its special relationship to Earth. Have you ever wondered why humans don’t live on the moon?
Life Science & Human Biology
Zodiac animals are not just legends – they can come alive here. Excitement abounds as we get ready to pet live animals. Let's find out whether they eat and breathe the same way we do. What makes an udder utterly fascinating?
Chemistry & Physics
In ancient times, the five elements reigned supreme. Nowadays, we still use those elements to make a variety of useful instruments. What can we make out of metal that will point us in the right direction? Find out how laminating strengthens materials. Can you figure out how old this tree is?
Design & Construction
Did you know that water molecules are strongly attracted to each other, causing surface tension? We’ll make predictions about the buoyancy of various objects, and what the most important variable in whether an object is buoyant.  Can you build a raft that floats?
  Friday, February       Saturday, February 9       Monday, February 11
      Tuesday, February 12
The Five Elements II
Animals of the Zodiac II
Chemistry & Physics
Let’s recreate the Earth in our workshop! Identify the most elemental components that make up the Earth. Investigate the many uses of heat from fire. Combining the elements, how can we inscribe an invisible message, then have it appear before our very eyes?
Life Science & Human Biology
Reptiles and birds may seem dangerous, but you’ll see how they might be just as scared as you. We’ll demonstrate how rattles on snakes scare away predators and colored feathers on birds help them hide. Are birds really warm blooded and reptiles really cold-blooded?
  Wednesday, February 13
      Thursday, February 14
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