TECH ODYSSEY (7 or above years old)
Chinese New Year Parade

Here comes the ginormous floating bunny-rabbit. I see Hello Kitty over there! Let’s kick off the Lunar New Year with clanging instruments, sky-high balloons and floats that will have you oohing and ahhing.

Yes! Here come the Chinese New Year dragon dancers! The twirling ribbons! The gongs!

Put on your thinking caps and use multimedia technology to recreate the splendor of a street-side parade. The fun and festivities are at Science Workshop!

Students will explore various mechanisms on locomotive platforms, programming the devices to allow for unmanned synchronized navigation of a preset route. They will build interactive amusements with the application of various mechanical, optical and audio components. Just like a real parade, we’ll find our own live music, and we can even put on a laser light show to wow the crowd.
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