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      Our mathematics curriculum is designed to present abstract mathematical theories in a concrete manner
  • SWMathsploration02
      We provide opportunities for children to understand the concepts through activities that are relevant to everyday life
  • SWMathsploration03
      Our classes support our students in acquiring knowledge and confidence and do not only focus on the mechanics of calculations
  • SWMathsploration04
      Our students become active mathematics learners who can reason about and represent mathematical ideas and relationships
  Matching Mathematics All That Counts Shapes All Around  
Patterns, Functions and Algebra
Get into Mitten Concentration and pairing sock. Can you match letters to mailboxes?
Search for numbers and play Bingo. Count to sounds and use math skills to buy and sell merchandise.
Set up a shapes shop to recognize 2-D shapes. Where should the frog hop to?
  Week 1–2 (Sep 2 – Sep 14) Week 3–6 (Sep 16 – Oct 12) Week 7–9 (Oct 14 – Nov 2)  
  One, Two, Chocolate Goo     Food Court Designer Patterns  
Operations and Computations
Delve into estimation with chocolate beans and set your dining table. Can you toss a sum?
Measurement and Reference Frames
Explore measuring drinks, compare capacity, learn about conservation and figure out volumes. Let’s bake up a storm.
Patterns, Functions and Algebra
Calling all designers! Create necklaces and learn about sequencing to find out who’s most fashionable.
  Week 10–13 (Nov 4 – Nov 30) Week 14–16 (Dec 2 – Dec 21)  Week 17–18 (Dec 23 – Jan 4)  
  Hickory, Dickory, Dock       Shape Studio Treasures!  
Measurement and Reference Frames
Investigate the long and short of it. Create a timer and compare time to understand duration. Along came time!
Create apple smiles and body symmetries. Search for lily pads and hop to the frog parade.
Data and Chance
You don’t have to be in Aladdin’s cave to find treasures. Use a Treasure Map to find “hidden” prizes and organize your loot into diagrams.
  Week 19–20 (Jan 6 – Jan 18) Week 21–23 (Jan 20 – Feb 8) Week 24–26 (Feb 10 – Feb 29)  
  Stars and Stripes Count to Add and Subtract What's Your Dimensions?  
Patterns, Functions and Algebra
Perform a stars and stripes survey to explore attributes. Playing with fruits at the supermarket is so much fun.
Operations and Computations
Manipulate muffins and construct towers. Perform a clothing survey to add and subtract. Creative juice time!
Measurement and Reference Frames
Conduct a census on weight and length. Measure the course of a balloon-powered vehicle. Let’s create a town!
  Week 27–28 (Mar 2 – Mar 14) Week 29–31 (Mar 16 – Apr 4) Week 32–36 (Apr 6 – May 2)  
  Shapes for All Follow the Pattern  Computation Craze  
Design quilted fabric blocks and create sand shapes. How do you intersect yarn and rope to make more?
Patterns, Functions and Algebra
Construct pattern trains and create caterpillar patterns. Build house tessellations and find out what busy beetles do.
Operations and Computations
Where’s the elephant looking for water? Roll number cubes and toss balls to add them up. Let’s make a snack graph.
  Week 37–39 (May 11 – May 30) Week 40–41 (Jun 1 – Jun 13) Week 42–44 (Jun 15 – Jul 4)  
  Measurable Math     How “Much” Is It?       Graph the Math!  
Measurement and Reference Frames
Go to great lengths to make comparisons. What are the musical, slinky and straw lengths? It’s the long and short of it.
Measurement and Reference Frames
Explore how popcorn spreads as it is heated and grows. What’s your balloon capacity? Is it getting bigger?
Data and Chance
Investigate baby animals, where they live and how they are born. Graph your building and your favorite game.
  Week 45–47 (Jul 6 – Jul 25)     Week 48–49 (Jul 27 – Aug 8)       Week 50–52 (Aug 10 – Aug 29)  
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