• SWMathsploration01
      Our mathematics curriculum is designed to present abstract mathematical theories in a concrete manner
  • SWMathsploration02
      We provide opportunities for children to understand the concepts through activities that are relevant to everyday life
  • SWMathsploration03
      Our classes support our students in acquiring knowledge and confidence and do not only focus on the mechanics of calculations
  • SWMathsploration04
      Our students become active mathematics learners who can reason about and represent mathematical ideas and relationships
  Measuring Madness Tally Ho 2-D Lab  
Measurement and Reference Frames
Speculate on the magnitude of numbers and lengths. Befriend our beloved Centimeter and Meter.
Operations and Computations
Find the mystery number between the fences in the Number–Line Squeeze. Let’s act out number stories.
Can you split a triangle into two, three and four smaller ones? Join the smorgasbord of bind–bending polygons.
  Week 1–2 (Sep 2 – Spe 14) Week 3–5 (Sep 16 – Oct 5) Week 6–8 (Oct 7 – Oct 26)
  Math Games     What Lies Within Get into Shapes  
Operations and Computations
Navigate the nautical number line for the super solution. Can you find a rule to the confusion?
Measurement and Reference Frames
Gather your wits to solve what’s inside. Learn that capacity, area and distance are all integral part of measurement.
Get to the bottom of polygon attributes. How do you distinguish between polygons and non–polygons?
  Week 9–10 (Oct 28 – Nov 9)
Week 11–13 (Nov 11 – Nov 30)  Week 14–15 (Dec 2 – Dec 14)  
  Odd One Out       Mass Magnitude Crazy Computations  
Is it one more or one less? Use your intellect to fine the pesky number. The truth is out there.
It’s time for the Science Workshop Fruit Fest! Solve relationship stories about animal weights. Hurray!
Operations and Computations
Get into the groove and rock to additions and subtractions. Join the Fact family to look for the outcome.
  Week 16–18 (Dec 16 – Jan 4) Week 19–20 (Jan 6 – Jan 18)
Week 21–23 (Jan 20 – Feb 8)  
  Big Time Spatial Savvy Computation Mania  
Measurement and Reference Frames
Enter the countdown race and determine the duration of time. Play matching games with clocks. Tick tock.
What is the difference between a pyramid and a prism? Can you identify shapes with your touch?
Operations and Computations
Can you find the winning strategy to the Math War game? Where’s the frames and arrows? It’s spaghetti math time!
  Week 24–26 (Feb 10 – Feb 29) Week 27–29 (Mar 2 – Mar 21) Week 30–31 (Mar 23 – Apr 4)  
  Passion for Fractions Big Money Where's the Heat?  
Are there different ways to name fractions? Yes, pizzas and shapes come in fractions too! Splitting is so exciting!
Measurement and Reference Frames
Have you met Victor the Ending machine? There’s a surprise to every budget. It’s the art of money.
Measurement and Reference Frames
Collect weather data at the Weather Station and conduct a “Thermometer Hunt”. How hot is hot?
  Week 32–34 (Apr 6 – Apr 25) Week 35–39 (Apr 27 – May 30)
Week 40 (Jun 1 – Jun 6)  
  Fact Power     Graphs Galore       Patterns All Around  
Operations and Computations
Investigate function machines to see whether they all work the same way. Is it time for adding or subtracting?
Data and Chance
Can you use measuring cups to plot a line graph? Join the popcorn shoot to create Venn Diagrams for all.
Patterns, Functions and Algebra
Let’s clue in to the picture cards to find the mystery object. What is “temporal sequencing” anyway?
  Week 41–42 (Jun 8 – Jun 20)     Week 43–45 (Jun 22 – Jul 11)       Week 46–49 (Jul 13 – Aug 8)
  Fraction Hunt            
Can you split a shape into fractions? Let’s have a fractured fraction picnic!
  Week 50–52 (Aug 10 – Aug 29)            
The window to science...and beyond!
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