• SWMathsploration01
      Our mathematics curriculum is designed to present abstract mathematical theories in a concrete manner
  • SWMathsploration02
      We provide opportunities for children to understand the concepts through activities that are relevant to everyday life
  • SWMathsploration03
      Our classes support our students in acquiring knowledge and confidence and do not only focus on the mechanics of calculations
  • SWMathsploration04
      Our students become active mathematics learners who can reason about and represent mathematical ideas and relationships
  Data Spectra       Addition Strategies       Polygon Reconnaissance  
Data and Chance
Develop fluency with number combinations. What’s the difference between bar and pie graphs? Hmm?
Operations and Computations
Search for “secret” numbers using deductive reasoning. Do you know how to use the “turn around” shortcuts?
Create snowflakes and crystals to understand attributes of polygons. What’s the meaning of “vertex” anyway?
  Week 1-3 (Sep 1 - Sep 20)
      Week 4–6 (Sep 22 – Oct 11)
      Week 7-9 (Oct 13 - Nov 1)  
  Involving Measuring       Subtraction Madness       Along Came Time  
Measurement and Reference Frames
Get immersed in the art of measuring. Investigate the difference between capacity, volume and weight. How far is it?
Operations and Computations
Can you use counting strategies and shortcuts to refine your subtraction skills? It’s the Fact Family!
Measurement and Reference Frames
How does a calendar tell the passage of months in a year? Explore the concept of time. What sign are you?
  Week 10-13 (Nov 3 - Nov 29)       Week 14-16 (Dec 1 - Dec 20)        Week 17-19 (Dec 22 – Jan 10)  
  Segment Search       Fraction Fiction       Addition Algorithm  
Construct pyramids to explore the relationship of faces, edges and vertices. Line segments are so much fun!
Investigate fractions and multiples of pattern blocks. Find out what halves, thirds and fourths really mean.
Operations and Computations
Develop addition skills with games, shopping and number stories. Let’s scrutinize partial–sums algorithm.
  Week 20–23 (Jan 12 – Feb 7)
      Week 24–26 (Feb 9 – Feb 28)       Week 27–29 (Mar 2 – Mar 21)  
  Exploring Multiples       Border Patrol       Subtraction Strategies  
Patterns, Functions and Algebra
It’s finally time to delve into the unknown quantities in multiplication. Help us summarize the array solutions.
Measurement and Reference Frames
Become patrol guard to find out more about perimeter. Do all pentasquares have the same perimeter?
Operations and Computations
Calculate your way to some good–luck charms. The trade–first subtraction algorithm is the strategic “real McCoy”!
  Week 30–32 (Mar 23 – Apr 11)
      Week 33–34 (Apr 13 – Apr 25)
      Week 35–37 (Apr 27 – May 16)  
  The Substance Within       Super Trader       Fractions Galore  
Measurement and Reference Frames
You guessed it! It’s all about areas. Can you help design a restaurant that can hold a maximum number of tables?
Measurement and Reference Frames
Start working on your money knowledge when you go shopping. What’s your exact change coin combination?
Can you identify a collection of treasures and translate them into fractions? Pizza party!
  Week 37-39 (May 11 - May 30)       Week 40-42 (Jun 1 – Jun 20)       Week 43–45 (Jun 22 – Jul 11)  
  Patterns in Products       Treasure Hunt          
Patterns, Functions and Algebra
Delve into games to find out more about differences, multiples and patterns of numbers. Is it equally likely to happen?
Data and Chance
Build a compass to locate the place of honor. Can you navigate on the map to find the treasure?
  Week 46–49 (Jul 13 – Aug 8)       Week 50–52 (Aug 10 – Aug 29)
The window to science...and beyond!
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