• SWMathsploration01
      Our mathematics curriculum is designed to present abstract mathematical theories in a concrete manner
  • SWMathsploration02
      We provide opportunities for children to understand the concepts through activities that are relevant to everyday life
  • SWMathsploration03
      Our classes support our students in acquiring knowledge and confidence and do not only focus on the mechanics of calculations
  • SWMathsploration04
      Our students become active mathematics learners who can reason about and represent mathematical ideas and relationships
  Analyzing Algorithms Linear Math Around and Within  
Operations and Computations
Visit the Fact Family for the ultimate outcome. Gather your wits for an all-out mind twister!
Measurement and Reference Frames
Join the Science Workshop Watermelon Feast. Who can spit the seeds the furthest?
Measurement and Reference Frames
Document how Sir Cumference and Lady Di of Ameter made their very first Round Table. What are the shipping requirements?
  Week 1–2 (Sep 2 – Sep 14)
Week 3–5 (Sep 16 – Oct 5)
Week 6–8 (Oct 7 – Oct 26)
  In All Probability     Fraction Actions Addend and Augend  
Data and Chance
Collect, tabulate and interpret experimental data. What is certainty and uncertainty? Heads or tails, that’s probability!
Explore re–forming squares and amalgamations. Can you use fractions to name parts of regions and sets?
Operations and Computations
Delve into “Comparison Number” games to rack up as many points as you can. Let’s master the three addends!
  Week 9–10 (Oct 28 – Nov 9)
Week 11–13 (Nov 11 – Nov 30)  Week 14–15 (Dec 2 – Dec 14)  
  Data Fundamentals       Multiplication Mania What's Your Angle?  
Data and Chance
Is the blue whale the biggest thing there is? Get into the groove with the “biggest” numbers.
Operations and Computations
Excel in the art of multiplication. Use arrays, number models and estimations to solve number stories.
Investigate line segments, rays and lines. Let’s perform some whole body calisthenics.
  Week 16–17 (Dec 16 – Dec 28)
Week 18–21 (Dec 30 – Jan 25)
Week 22–23 (Jan 27 – Feb 8)  
  That's the Point Patterns in Products Reflections and Symmetry  
Operations and Computations
Get into the groove with the “smallest” numbers. Discover what decimal notational system really is.
Patterns, Functions and Algebra
What are the real multiplication and division patterns? Let’s find out the ways to score ten points in basketball.
Zoom away to the multi-dimensional world of shapes. Explore the concepts of symmetry and congruence.
  Week 24–26 (Feb 10 – Feb 29) Week 27–29 (Mar 2 – Mar 21) Week 30–33 (Mar 23 – Apr 18)  
  Fraction Explorations The Power of 10 3-D Reconnaissance  
Can you fold a fraction of a fraction? Put on our thinking hats and guess the relationship between fractions.
Operations and Computations
How does division tie to multiplication? Acquire the technique of estimation – one that is used throughout the world every day.
Construct geometric solids and delve into their properties. Let’s probe into the unknown in search of edges, vertices and faces.
  Week 34–35 (Apr 20 – May 2) Week 36–37 (May 4 – May 16)
Week 38–39 (May 18 – May 30)
  Factor Fun     Quantitative Math       Arrays Rampage  
Operations and Computations
Identify and find factors of numbers. Look into the partial products of two and more numbers. Attack the problems!
Measurement and Reference Frames
Visit concepts in volume, capacity, weight and length. Discover the real relationships between weight and volume.
Operations and Computations
What’s the meaning of Phalanx? Analyze the lattice method of multiplication to furnish your computation strategies.
  Week 40–42 (Jun 1 – Jun 20)     Week 43–45 (Jun 22 – Jul 11)       Week 46–48 (Jul 13 – Aug 1)
  Mean and Median     The Language of Chance        
Measurement and Reference Frames
What’s the difference between means, averages and medians? Investigate what frequency distribution really is.
Data and Chance 
Who’s got the edge on prediction and estimation? It’s a mind twist when you have to develop intuition about equally likely events.
  Week 49–50 (Aug 3 – Aug 15)     Week 51–52 (Aug 17 – Aug 29)
The window to science...and beyond!
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