• SWMathStrat01
      Our classes help students develop systematic methods for solving problems rather than mechanically practicing them
  • SWMathStrat02
      Our students learn to formulate strategies and shortcuts for problems, to complete problems quickly and accurately
  • SWMathStrat03
      Our students strengthen core mathematics skills for US, UK and IB Programs
  • SWMathStrat04
      Our students develop skills on how to tackle mathematical competition problems, and US standardized tests such as Stanford 10 and SSAT
Math Counts and Beyond MathCounts is for serious students. We explore basic geometry, 2D and 3D vector operations and linear parametric equations. Then we walk through the core of Euclidean Geometry.


  Topics       Topics       Topics   
2D and 3D Vector Operations
Addition and Multiplication Principles
Basic Analytical Geometry



Binomial Coefficients
General Euclidean Geometry
Linear Parametric Equations
Modular Arithmetic
Pascal's Triangle
Permutation and Combinations
It is important that students are placed in the correct level to maximize their learning and to build up their confidence. Placement will be determined by the Placement Test which is available upon registration of the course.
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