• SWProjectApproach01
      Our program provides a framework to guide students to embark on in-depth studies of topics of their choice
  • SWProjectApproach02
      Through Brainstorming, Investigation and Reflection, students explore various learning resources, and present their discoveries
  • SWProjectApproach03
      Our students are highly motivated, feel actively involved in their own learning, and produce work of high quality
  • SWProjectApproach04
      Our program support and strengthen all areas of approaches in the IB, UK and US curriculum
  Our Project Approach Level 3 Program is suited for students of ages 9 to 10.  This is the critical stage to the IBPYP – IB Primary Year Programme, as they will prepare to enter into the IBMYP – IB Middle Years Programme to face academic challenges that encourage students to embrace and understand the connections between traditional subjects and the real world, thus to become critical and reflective thinkers. The students will concentrate on four topics of their own choice.......This more advanced group will incorporate all the elements of the Level 1 and 2 groups, as well as expand on the theory of the “Curriculum Model”.  The curriculum is expressed in three interrelated ways.  

The written curriculum—
what do we want to learn?


The taught curriculum—
how best will we learn?


The assessed curriculum—
how will we know what we have learned?

  The Project Approach’s curriculum is set to recognize and help students develop the range of their capacities and positive attitudes to learning and development, helping to establish children to groom to be well-rounded individuals.  


The window to science...and beyond!
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