• SWSciencesploration01
      Our children learn to observe, infer and experiment through “hands-on” activities
  • SWSciencesploration02
      Our curriculum is based on “inquiry” where students gain “minds-on” experiences
  • SWSciencesploration03
      Our students are encouraged to describe objects and events, ask questions, construct explanations, and communicate their ideas to others
  • SWSciencesploration04
      Our learners develop their understanding of science by combining scientific knowledge with reasoning and thinking skills
  Fun with Potions Standing Tall Extreme Power  
Did you know that all matter has mass and occupies space? Create fizzling potions and experiment with different bubbling solutions. Observe the ticks that happen when different compounds mix. Find out the REAL power of lemons. That’s chemical reaction!
Physics & Technology
What is the real meaning of technical designs? Let’s probe into structures and shapes. Can we evaluate structural support systems? Conquer our vertigo of the tallest 3-D wonder. Conceive, create and cooperate in constructing an assortment of architectural wonders.
Did you know that a piece of buttered toast contains enough energy to run a 60 watt light bulb for 1.5 hours? Discover how you can “blow” out a candle without using hands or your breath and cook a hot dog with no fire. Get the real shocking facts about energy and electricity.
The window to science...and beyond!
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