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      Our children learn to observe, infer and experiment through “hands-on” activities
  • SWSciencesploration02
      Our curriculum is based on “inquiry” where students gain “minds-on” experiences
  • SWSciencesploration03
      Our students are encouraged to describe objects and events, ask questions, construct explanations, and communicate their ideas to others
  • SWSciencesploration04
      Our learners develop their understanding of science by combining scientific knowledge with reasoning and thinking skills
  Bubble Mania The Sound Makers Animal Antics  
Physics and Chemistry
Did you know that people have been making soap for 2,000 years?  Find out the secret behind how soap and detergent cuts grease to clean.  Which mixture is the best mixture for suds-making ability?  Let’s just burst out with the truth…that is when we have it all figured out!
Can you amplify the sound of music through an ordinary sheet of paper?  Investigate the secrets behind how one sound differs from another.  Find out if one can create total silence.  Explore the relationships between sound, vibration, length, pitch and volume.  Let the tension mount!
Life Science
Do animals spray their homes with perfume?  Explore the concepts of stimulus and response by observing animal behaviors.  Conduct research on a myriad of creatures.  Let’s go animal watching!
  Week 1–4 (Sep 2 – Sep 28)  
  Chemistry Workshop     Constructor Convention       Galactic Vacation  
Do you know the difference between an endothermic and an exothermic reaction?  Test substances to explore different reactions.  Hear, feel, and observe chemical changes as they happen.  Discover the secrets of chemists, it’s not magic, it’s Science Workshop!
Physics and Technology
What is the difference between mechanical and structural engineering?  Explore awe-inspiring skyscrapers and bridges through the study of designs.  Test joints, shapes and tension during construction.  Can you “build” a paper tube that will support a person?
Space Science and Physics
Did you know that by next decade, one can look through a telescope and see evidence of human habitation on the Moon?  What is the effect of forces on orbital movement of celestial bodies?  Construct rockets and reentry vehicles.  It’s an “out-of-this-world” galactic vacation!
  Mix 'em Magic       Inner Complexities Washing Away the Earth  
Did you know that a solute dissolves by spreading evenly throughout a solvent?  Delve into the speed of molecular movement.  Investigate methods to separate mixtures.  Experiment with the rate of filtration and how to increase the speed.  It’s chemical mix-ups!
Human Biology, Physics and Chemistry
Did you know that your heart pumps around 7000 liters of blood a day?  Investigate a complex, automated system that keeps you alive.  Delve into blood sugar level, lung air pressure and kidney functions.  Construct this transport and supply structure with mechanical heart and lungs.  Can you see the blood flow through the model?
Earth Science
How much water will a watershed shed, if the watershed sheds its wetlands?  Construct a river system and find out how rivers evolve.  Experiment with preventing soil loss and participate in our rock races.  Can you pursue Harry the Rock on his long and arduous “rock-and-roll” journey?
  Polymers Attack! Energy Everywhere! Mystery Festival  
Physics and Chemistry
Did you know that a lubricant can be in the form of gas, solid, liquid or somewhere in between?  Study the effects of slippery substances on friction.  Get the scoop on diapers and learn how adhesives work on the microscopic and molecular level.  Slip sliding away!
Did you know that the quantity of energy in the universe is constant?  Discover the relationships between friction versus speed, potential versus kinetic energy, and pendulum length versus frequency.  Oh, and by the way, recycling one glass jar saves enough energy to turn on the television for three whole hours!
Life Science, Human Biology, Chemistry and Physics
What do pH test, thread test and chromatography have in common?  That's what forensic scientists use to find the "culprit".  Probe into solubility, pigments, and separation of mixtures.  Analyze the clues left behind like fingerprints, food smudges and dust from shoes.  Get into the crime scene and find out who "borrowed" Mr. Bear.
  Seashore Sleuths
Secret Formulas    
Life Science and Earth Science
Did you know that the giant kelp plant lives two separate lives – one as a male or a female, the other as a neuter? Find out that forests do not only exist on land but in the ocean. Design a crab that can win a decorator prize and help make kelp worms.  Seafood smorgasbord!
Become a lab scientist and an inventor!  Experiment with different ingredients and test them chemically.  Explore cause and effect, properties and attributes as you stir up your “secret formulas” for toothpaste, cola, and ice cream!
The window to science...and beyond!


Become a lab scientist and an inventor!  Experiment with different ingredients and test them chemically.  Explore cause and effect, properties and attributes as you stir up your “secret formulas” for toothpaste, cola, and ice cream!

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