• SWSciencesploration01
      Our children learn to observe, infer and experiment through “hands-on” activities
  • SWSciencesploration02
      Our curriculum is based on “inquiry” where students gain “minds-on” experiences
  • SWSciencesploration03
      Our students are encouraged to describe objects and events, ask questions, construct explanations, and communicate their ideas to others
  • SWSciencesploration04
      Our learners develop their understanding of science by combining scientific knowledge with reasoning and thinking skills
  Toys in Space Molecular Mix-ups Wacky Compounds  
Space Science & Physics
Did you know that a ball thrown in the air on Earth always takes the path of a parabola? Make and play with toys that astronauts bring on space shuttle flights. How do familiar toys behave in space where gravity is absent? When toys go up in space, do they come back down again?
Did you know that there are natural and synthetic polymers? Experiment with polymers and learn their chemistry. Test the molecular structure and densities of plastics. Is there a biopolymer that is produced by a living organism? It’s in the starch, protein, DNA and RNA!
Did you know that temperature affects the elasticity of elastomers? Test the molecular structure and traction properties of rubber. Can we create a material that can be molded and will bounce off a hard clean surface? Which plastic is the most fantastic?
  Spectral Analysis Power Play  
Human Biology and Physics
Why is the sky blue, why is sunset red and why is cloud white? How can we tell if we are eating a green or red apple if color did not exist? Experiment with color filters and diffraction gratings. How do our brains sense and comprehend color? Do colors have heat?
Did you know that a series circuit uses more energy than a parallel circuit with the same number of light bulbs? Turn our pencils into rheostats. Let’s “ask” our circuit if our drink is hot or cold? Examine electron flow to discover the nature of conductivity. Ready, set, charge!
The window to science...and beyond!
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