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      Mission — to provide a fun environment of exploration for children to construct their knowledge and understanding
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      History — our company was founded in 2000 and is registered with the Hong Kong Education Bureau
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      Industry Leader — our institution is the first in this genre of off-school education in Hong Kong
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      Dedication — we have nurtured tens of thousands of learners ages 2 to 18 for over 14 years
Our Teaching Techniques
  Our facilitators guide the students through the activities, encouraging them to ask open-ended questions, collaborate and exchange ideas, be good model in respecting each other, and elaborate on other students’ responses  
Multiple Intelligences
Collaborative Learning
Prompt students to formulate their own questions
Allow multiple interpretations and expressions of learning
Encourage group work and the use of peers as resources
  What Our Teachers are About  
  High Caliber Teachers       Academic Background       Characteristics of Teachers       Training and Assessments  
Deliver the lessons in an interesting and lively way to maximize the students' interest in learning
Hold Bachelor and Master degrees in science, mathematics, engineering or early childhood learning; many are certified school teachers
Fluent in English, are caring and understanding and possess a strong passion for children's education and development
Undergo regular training and assessment which allows them to continuously review their teaching and delivery of lessons
  List of Our Teachers  
  Daniel Heiberger   Horace Cheng   Matthew Dandan   Yennie Ko   Louisa Pang  
  Diana Wong   Priscilla Tang   Sheela Khushi   Jaymini Nandha   Nina Bruton  
  Brenda Tso   Richy Shea   Alice Lee   Divya Somgowda   Simson Liu  
  Gloria Chung   Ellis Cruz   Binita Dewan   Marty Yue      
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