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      Our multimedia technology program uses graphical programming software developed at the MIT Media Lab
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      Children learn through multimedia technology, bringing out their creativity through not just engineering principles but also arts and design
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      The curriculum and accompanying programs are designed for both girls and boys in mind
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      Children will be able to learn structured programming as well as the principals of engineering and mechanical designs
  Tech Reloaded The Fast and the Furious Stairway to Heaven  
Enter the realm of LEGO building at an advanced level. Get past the basics of the RCX and programming skills. Design and construct a robot that will move in a preset pattern. Can we write programs that will allow our robots to write our names on the table?
Get set for some drift action! Design vehicles that can go zoom! Can we construct a speedometer to check if we have exceeded the speed limit? Can our vehicle survive a cross–terrain journey? If you have what it takes...you can have it ALL!
Delve into the techniques for mixed medium construction using both K’NEX and LEGO. Build a tall spinning spiral stairway and see the ball climb up on its own. Find out how to use a motor to power different actions. It’s definitely more technical than the free building we know.
  The Thrill of the Ride     I, Robot       A Bridge Not Too Far  
Our challenge is to build a roller coaster system. Toy with the conversion between potential energy and kinetic energy. Make our cart do all the thrilling loops and swings and hops and springs. Just make sure our vehicle doesn’t go off the roller coaster track!
Are we ready for an in–depth look at using sensors and programming? Assemble a robot that will react to the environment. Program senses and reactions to outside environmental stimuli. Learn from nature and use insects as a blueprint.
What are some of the famous and unique draw bridges of the real world? Design truss bridges with moveable structures and mechanical parts that will let ships go through. Do we need to worry about the weight and the sturdiness? It’s all in the mass to capacity ratio.
  Saturday Night Fever!       The Thin Red Line Walking the Walk  
Um…wonder what a robotic John Travolta looks like. Investigate different motion modules. Let’s build dancing machines and incorporate lights and sounds in the mechanism. Can we inserting cool ’70's lyrics in the programs? It’s dancing and singing along time!
Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall. But…there’s more! A mechanical Humpty Dumpty moving along the narrow wall? Then it’s tightrope walking and jumping time for him? One little fall and it’s all over again. Just make sure that all king’s horses and men don’t need to save him again!
What is a device that does not have wheels but can move a distance? Construct a wheel–less vehicle with locomotion abilities. Do we prefer to slither like a snake, scatter like a spider or hop like a bunny? Or would you invent a whole new way of moving around?
  The Joust Labyrinth Chip–Chirp  
Robot Knights stand by! Who will win the tournament this time in this grand robotic duel? Compete against each other in different arenas. Who has a weak spot that will cause it to collapse? Let’s find out who the new mechanical champion is!
Our mission today is to build a maze navigating robot that can run through a maze and automatically find its way out. Can we help Sarah find her way in through the labyrinth, avoiding the Goblin King Jareth, to find her little brother Toby? Can we get there in time?
Let the little cricket work force “talk” to each other and perform coordinated tasks! Focus on cricket programming revision and inter–cricket communications. Find out if they can give each other coordinated commands to do part of the work. It’s artificial hive mind!
  ǝsınƃsıp uı sʇoqoɹ Ghost in the Shell Picking up the Pieces  
What are simple robotic devices that help make everyday tasks faster and easier? Create comfortable ergonomic controls and smart sensors. Explore a heat sensitive device that can reveal the “condition” of a drink? Let’s find those hidden robots around us!
Our mission today is to figure out how to extend our bodies with robotic limbs; inorganic things that move with our every whim. Connect ourselves to these machines and make the prosthetic hand move with the blink of an eye or by saying “GO!” It’s true Deus Ex Machina!
Welcome to the Gaming Arcade! Design a robot system capable of moving different objects across the room to different locations. Will it be able to build up the stacks to create a pattern? Can we design a carnival style “UFO catcher” for picking up the prizes?
The window to science...and beyond!
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