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      Our child-development-based learning incorporates active, hands-on, student-centered inquiry, which is at the core of good education
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      Research shows that providing a high quality education for young children yields significant long-term benefits
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      Children work in a stimulating environment using interesting materials and real-life objects that will enhance their learning development
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      Children will learn the ideas and skills that support later, more complex science and mathematics understandings
  Me and My Body
Space Cadets Love My Pet  
Biological Science
How aware are you of yourself? Find out who you are and what you are like outside and inside. What can you do and what makes you special? “I love me!”

Physical Science
People have looked up at the sky with awe and wonder since the beginning of time. Marvel at the objects you see up there. Do you yearn to travel to the far reaches of space?
Biological Science
Did you know that people who own pets live longer? Cuddle a hamster, romp with a puppy and hop with a rabbit. Where’s the Pet Show?
  Week 1-3 Week 4–6
Week 7-8  
  Rock n' Roll     Flower Power Vroom…Vroom…Vehicles  
Physical Science
Can rocks float? Investigate where a rock comes from, how it was formed and how it might be used. Is rock a mineral? As the saying goes, “Solid as a rock!”

Biological Science
Did you know that all seed plants grow flowers? Pick dandelions, examine blossoms and stroll through a blooming garden. They’re the inspirations to many artists’ creations!
Physical Science
Big, shiny, powerful and noisy, vehicles are everywhere. Investigate how they move on land, in the air or on the water as a means of transportation. Honk honk, toot toot!
  Week 9–10
Week 11–12  Week 13–15  
  The Circle of Life       Bubble, Fizz and Foam Sky Studio  
Biological Science
How do animals vary in the way they grow and develop to resemble their parents? Who nurtures the young to ensure the survival of the species?

Physical Science
Investigate foamy food and bubbling solutions. Discover the fizzing actions that happen when “mystery” substances are mixed together. It’s some cool concoctions!
Physical Science
Did you know that you can only see a rainbow if your back is to the sun? Investigate the different phenomenon in our sky and how they affect us. Day follows night and night follows day…
  Week 16–17
Week 18–20
Week 21–22  
  Bear Snuggles Dinosaur Detectives Music Makers  
Biological Science
Once upon a time, there were three bears…Get acquainted with Teddy bears and real bears. Delve into different kinds of bears and their behavior. Let’s be zoologists!

Biological and Physical Sciences
Transform yourself into these huge creatures who were masters of the world. Explore the power and prestige, fact and fiction about these gigantic reptiles. Nobody can say “no” to a dinosaur!
Physical Science
Can you hear the sound of silence? Clap, rock and sway to some mesmerizing sounds. Perform line dance with rattles, drums, bells and kazoos. Which instrument is most excellent?
  Week 23–25 Week 26–28 Week 29–30
  Little Machines Bugs, Beetles and Butterflies Water Play  
Physical Science
Large or small, noisy or quiet, we live in a world full of machines. Explore how these contraptions help us. Did you know that machines cannot work by themselves? They need you!

Biological Science
Have you ever been tickled by an insect? Delve into the shimmering beauty of butterflies, the chirping of crickets at dusk and the swarming of ants over a sweet. They’re more than just creepy crawlies.
Physical Science
Did you know that the amount of water on Earth is constant? Investigate how water behaves and how it interacts with other substances? Splash your way to some wet fun!
  Week 31–33 Week 34–36
Week 37–39
  Under the Sea     Homes Near and Far       Weather and Seasons  
Biological Science
Did you know fishes talk to each other? Travel to where the dolphins swim free, the jellyfish shine bright, through coral and caves. Let’s dive!

Biological and Physical Sciences
Did you know that dwellings take many forms? Investigate how building crews create a structure. What tools and machines do they use? Home is where the heart is.
Biological and Physical Sciences
What’s the real reason for seasons? Investigate daily and cyclical changes in weather. How do people, plants and animals react to these changing conditions?
  Week 40–42     Week 43–44       Week 45–46
  Color and Light       Edible Science          
Physical Science 
Do you know how to create light? Participate in the Science Workshop Color Lightshow and learn how to create a rainbow. Can you use colored fruits to paint?
Physical Science 
Do you know how to mix potions and bake pies? Invent the perfect recipes from your ingredients. Cook up a storm and find treasures in your scrumptious treats. Yum, yum!
  Week 47–49
      Week 50–52
The window to science...and beyond!
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