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Passion to Observe, Think, Learn and Act Creatively

Ace Academy Kindergarten, a Hong Kong based education institute. Our curriculum is designed by prominent professors at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education in the US. Our Program brings together the most successful models in the world: Montessori, Reggio Emilia Approach, Bank Street Approach, Theory of Multiple Intelligences and the Project Approach.

  • Our Children

    Our children develop social skills and academic understanding across different subject areas during teacher-initiated and child-lead exploration of the natural world, providing children with the opportunity to transform meaningful inquiry into big ideas and enduring concepts about the world.

  • Our Curriculum

    Our innovative bilingual program is science-based and framed around a Constructivist philosophy, bringing together the most successful education models in the world. Our curriculum and structure of the school day are project-based inquiry learning and child-centered.

  • Our School

    Ace Academy, a Hong Kong based education institution, has been in the education arena for almost two decades. It has co-developed a curriculum with professors at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, a leading educational research institutions in the US.

  • Our Teachers

    Our teachers are trained by faculty from elite US education institutions. They are understanding and caring, and possess a strong passion for children's education and development.